We’ll be there…. :)

April 7, 2023

For those in the know, (or lifetime members of the Coypu Liberation Army), or simply curious, here’s something to treasure.

February 4, 2023



The fondly remembered Mick Sparksman coypu creation is now celebrated in a new, limited edition publication. Its release has been timed to coincide with The Waveney Clarion’s first publication in February 1973.  
The Compendium has mined The Clarion, Coypu Comix, Tales from the Marshes and Swamp Comix for cartoons, illustrations and strips. Along with classic posters, articles, reviews, advertisements and cover artwork from ’73 to ’84, it’s pretty comprehensive and unique. With more than 90 illustrations lovingly compiled into 46 beautiful. glossy and colourful A4 pages with an introduction from Borin Van Loon.

The compiler has decided to sell online through The Fairs Archive shop, with any profits after printing and postage to go to supporting The Archive. (They will also be available at any of the events the Archive Yurt Exhibition is attending this year, if we have any left that is..this is a very limited edition.)


Some of you may not know this…

November 15, 2022

…but we have a wide selection of things on the website you can purchase that are all related to the fairs. The calendars for instance. We have two at present, perfect for presents at Yuletide. The titles are Gallimaufry and Performance, The former comprises a revised selection of photos and images from the first one we did some time back, the latter contains some of the performers that brought the fairs alive.. Both are produced from content on the Fairs Archive website. Related to this in the calendar section is a new A5 booklet based on the Celtic calendar, inspired by the poster designed by Richard Barnes for the Rougham Tree Fair 1980.. Go here for a closer look : Calendars

Talking of posters, we also have a wide selection of reproductions from virtually every fair that was held between ’72 and ’86. Printed on high quality paper from A3 to A5. We also have a few originals too – these are listed here – Original Poaters.

There are also badges created to commemorate the 5oth year of the 1st Barsham – Badges and various interesting printed items, the most well known of which is Sandra Bell’s Build Another Barsham. We have 3 versions of that: some original copies, and two accurate, authorised reprints in A5 and A4. – Various Printed Items.

The shop started because people asked us for copies of some of the posters and we thought that would be a nice thing to offer as a way to keep the artwork and memories alive, it then expanded to include other items. Of course we do have overheads. Travel and maintenance costs for the yurt exhibition and website are the main demands. We are very grateful for the generosity shown by so many at the fairs we visit during the year, organisers and public alike. Thankfully it doesn’t cost an absolute fortune to keep this all going and as we give our time for free we have been able to get by over the last ten tears or so. Our main reward is simply the appreciation for our efforts to keep a period of subcultural history alive.

Hooray, it’s back..!

April 7, 2022

Our first venture out after the 2 year exile… Hope to see you there…

50 Years. The first Barsham Faire 1972

February 28, 2022

Meeting at the Geldeston Locks Sunday March 6th at 3.00pm.

About 30 of us met via Zoom last Sunday, most from East Anglia, but Denmark, Devon, France, London and who knows where else were also represented. We spent much of the time telling the others our fair tales, but did get together the start of a plan.

The Fairs Exhibition will be at Weird and Wonderful, Folk East and Maui Waui, the latter on the precise 50th Anniversary, the August Bank Holiday weekend. Anything planned for then will be down to those going to the fest.

So it was proposed that in early September the Exhibition would be set up at the Geldeston Locks as a focal point for celebration.

Next Sunday afternoon , 3.00 at the Locks there will be a meeting for people interested in helping organise the celebrations.  Email us at fairsarchive@gmail.com if you want to let us know, or just turn up on the day. If you can’t make it there will be a catchup on Zoom soon after.