Hooray, it’s back..!

April 7, 2022

Our first venture out after the 2 year exile… Hope to see you there…

50 Years. The first Barsham Faire 1972

February 28, 2022

Meeting at the Geldeston Locks Sunday March 6th at 3.00pm.

About 30 of us met via Zoom last Sunday, most from East Anglia, but Denmark, Devon, France, London and who knows where else were also represented. We spent much of the time telling the others our fair tales, but did get together the start of a plan.

The Fairs Exhibition will be at Weird and Wonderful, Folk East and Maui Waui, the latter on the precise 50th Anniversary, the August Bank Holiday weekend. Anything planned for then will be down to those going to the fest.

So it was proposed that in early September the Exhibition would be set up at the Geldeston Locks as a focal point for celebration.

Next Sunday afternoon , 3.00 at the Locks there will be a meeting for people interested in helping organise the celebrations.  Email us at fairsarchive@gmail.com if you want to let us know, or just turn up on the day. If you can’t make it there will be a catchup on Zoom soon after.

Online meeting about Barsham Faire 50th anniversary

February 4, 2022

50 years ago last summer, one Sunday afternoon at a pub in Suffolk, a group of friends chatted about holding a little country fair. And 50 years ago this August the first Barsham Fair was held at Roos Hall, near Beccles. Did any of them have any idea that they would be starting something rolling which would still be in motiont today?  So hats off to them, and now let’s see how we can celebrate the anniversary.

To that end we’re holding a Zoom meeting on Sunday February 20th at 4.00 in the afternoon. If you would like to join us please get a ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/x/barsham-faire-50th-aniversary-tickets-260617843987

The link will be circulated to ticket holders near the time

If you’ve any comments or suggestions to make ahead of the meeting post a comment here or on Facebook or write to the fairsarchive address.

For those not familiar with meetings on Zoom or with Zoom itself we’ll send out some pointers before the day

Maui Waui Appeal

August 29, 2020

Maui Waui is, as anyone who has been will agree, a wonderful little festival held in August. We’ve had the good fortune to have attended with the mobile exhibition for the last few years as it has many of the qualities and feel of ye olde fayres transposed into modern times..

Suffice to say in these strange and stressful times where our cultural lives and identities are in real jeopardy, they now need all the support you can give.

We’re a bit late with this post as they are right now doing an on-stream benefit this weekend featuring artists who’ve appeared at Maui. Visit their Facebook pages for more info or their homepage .

Their crowd-fund page is here : Maui Waui Crowdfund


(We were going to frame a full, separate appeal for Silas and his crew, but this is better than anything we could do…and there is also the added bonus of the appearance of a familiar face, a national treasure of the East…..)

Click on the image below to view.

(Image and youtube link nicked with thanks from John Ellerby’s Memories of Barsham.. where you may have already seen it….)

Web Address

August 24, 2020

Good news!…(Well for us at least).. The web address has now been sorted and fairsarchive.co.uk no longer exists with those rogue pages from the main site riddled with betting links. Finally we can say the main address is now and only fairsarchive.org.. Phew…!