Wanted Waveney Clarions

Don Mathew, the other Capt. Sensible, and longtime Clarion editor, recently retired and has dug into his accumulation of  Clarion related stuff and reduced the number of missing issues to a handful.

Still needed are

1981 April

1982 Jan, April,May, July

1983 Jan, Feb, April, July, August

1984 April

If you have any of these leave a note here and send them to

Don Mathew, 2 Edge Hill, Bangor LL57 2SH

He’ll add them to the archive.


2 Responses to Wanted Waveney Clarions

  1. cheryl mabbutt says:

    Hi,I have Waveny Clarion issues May 79,July 80,Aug 80 and Nov 80.+ Aug 80 which you already have. What should I do with these? Also do you have any of the old fair posters there for sale(or know the guy who sells them, he was at the appleyard fiar at Banham in the summer.

  2. fairsarchive says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for the offer of Clarions but… last autumn one of the Clarion editors dug out his hoard and we now have all the issues you have offered. I’m just going to do an update and spotted your message.
    I don’t know who was selling posters at Banham. I’ll ask.


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