Albion Fairs Revisited at Diss Corn Hall

The second meeting of the organisers took place last week. There was lots of enthusiasm and plenty of ideas – enough to last a long weekend. Sanity and sobriety prevailed however and the current plan is:
The exhibition of material from the Archive will be on display in the Stables Gallery throughout August.
Saturday September 10th has been agreed as the date for an afternoon/evening event at the Corn Hall, celebrating the Fairs.
The exhibition will be in the Waveney Room for the day.
The current form suggested for the event is a forum event – What were the fairs all about? Did they matter then? What is their legacy today? – The story of the Waveney Clarion – and a musical/theatrical evening.

The intention is to create a bit of a party atmosphere, and to ensure it appeals both to veterans of the Fairs and those who have only heard about them.

It’s clear from the meetings that the idea of some kind of bigger event/reunion is popular but, having thought about it, we’ve decided the Corn Hall is not the place for it. Others may like to take it forward at another venue. The Fair Green Neighbourhood Association may consider an outdoor event on Fair Green on Sunday 11th September following the Corn Hall day.

Any thoughts about this, who could be part of the forum discussion and who might perform afterwards would be welcome.


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