Exhibition Launch

The exhibition ended up consisting of:

25 posters on the walls and more in a rack.

5 large boards covered with blurbs on different facets of the fairs, quotes from crew and fairgoers, and loads of photos and images.

3 binders of fairs related material including flyers, announcements, small posters, minutes and press cuttings

2 binders of Waveney Clarion excerpts and related material

A 13 minute slide show with an audio track of authentic Barsham sounds

About 50 people turned up. Enough to overspill into the Corn Hall yard and neighboring pubs. Maximum chatting, minimal speechifying.

Lots of enthusiasm for the gathering on Sept 10th. If you are intending attending it would be useful if you could buy your ticket in advance

Click on the pics for a better view.

People at exhibition launch

People at exhibition launch
People at exhibition launch
People at exhibition launch

Here are some pictures without the crowds.

Barsham wall of exhibition
Introduction and Barsham wall of exhibition
Albion wall of exhibition and introduction
second Albion wall of exhibition
Clarion wall of exhibition

and just to finish off here’s a picture of Martin’s yurt which will be found at Waveney Greenpeace Fair

the exhibition yurt


One Response to Exhibition Launch

  1. yalleriron says:

    I was over at Diss the other day and dropped in to see the exhibition. It was a real “memories wakener” for an old(ish) but keen past Fairs attender, with some wonderful material very well presented. It was great to be able to look at many things I had not seen before.

    Well done.

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