Fairs Archive Success in the Summer of 2013

The last three “gigs” at the Harlequin Fayre, Beccles and Folk East saw the Archive really take off! Annie Miller’s initial suggestion of holding a raffle was a brilliant idea, eventually brought to fruition by Bruce Lacey generously donating a signed original framed print of the Faerie Fayre 1981. We sold a hat full of tickets and made over £200 to go towards maintaining the cost of the traveling exhibition.  In addition, we now have posters of:

> The Stour Valley Moon Fair circa 1980 (the one that is dark with sort of bronze background and white writing)

> Rougham Tree Fair 1982 (the entirely green one),

> Stour Valley Fire Fair

> Stour Valley Earth Fair

> Barsham Faire at Rectory Paddock (with the woodcut of a hooded monk-like chap holding fireworks)

> Barsham Faire 1975 Ariel Faire (red on yellow with the sun face – beautiful)

> the Sun Face detail on its own

> The Last Barsham Faire Rectory Paddock 1976 (dark brown and cream with medieval figures)

> the Albion logo (maroon on cream)

The sale of these totaled approximately another £200. We have more posters planned, plus fridge magnets and t-shirts!!!

It was a lovely moment in the sun when John Smith collected his Bruce Lacey poster from the redoubtable (in the illustrious and eminent sense of the word) John Row, best known for his storytelling prowess.

So, onwards and upwards to 2014. Catch us on The Fairs Archive Facebook page and see more photographs!Imageequ


One Response to Fairs Archive Success in the Summer of 2013

  1. Allan Smith says:

    Thanks for the email, love looking back, havent seen anything about Tuttington Fair as yet, about 1982 I would think, remember Hugh Lupton story telling and walking round with Patrick? And one other guy inside a cardboard model boat a la Jerome K Jerome.

    Regards Allan.


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