Some news about more new stuff that’s new and some old stuff that now looks new…


The Appleyard Fayre was it’s usual warm-hearted success. Multiple atmospheric resonances distilled within one day, all enhanced by the blisteringly hot weather.  So, not surprisingly a good time was had by all, as they say…:)  Many thanks to Jonty and his joyful crew for having us and to Karen for her hard work, help and encouragement, who, for most of the day it seems, was being driven down memory lane at breakneck speed…

Thanks also to all those who promised us photos of the fairs, let’s hope when the effects of Jonty’s cider wears off, the memory of those promises remains and serves as encouragement to finally go into the loft/garage/shed/warehouse/under the bed to dig them out and let them see the light of day….:)

The photo galleries are still being added to by the way, it’s just that there’s been a bit of a summer pause, so do keep an eye out for the new ones..Rougham ’80 and ’82 plus the Bergholt ’80 Moon fair are just some of the several hundred that are waiting in the wings.. we’ll keep you posted ..:)

A word about the shop, we now have, (drum roll…waits for sharp gasp of anticipation) fridge magnets..! and not just any old magnets, go and have a look and I’m pretty sure you will dribble with desire over these lovingly crafted items.. a snip at £1.50…we’ve even attempted some replicas of the original Albion badges in magnet form…We’ll be adding more as and when we can find a good design. I’ve got some on my fridge and they look fantastic. ( Thanks to John for the loan of the badge press, much appreciated). We’ve also added some original copies of Build Another Barsham, the 1985 Wool Fair souvenir programme and several copies of the Crafts and Stallholders Directory from 1982..All much more fascinating than you might think at first glance. There’s also a selection of flyers and printed miscellany All in the service of making our strange cornucopia of resources available to whoever is interested…:) – all purchases help to keep the travelling exhibition on the road.

The raffle tickets are still on sale. Remember, you could actually have a near pristine copy of the long-out-of-print and now quite rare and ridiculously expensive,  Sun in the East in your hands for a fiver or less (this one’s worth 50 quid..), not forgetting the second prize: a Bruce Lacey full colour original  Faerie Fayre poster. So don’t waste another second, it could be you….:) (Winner to be announced at Folk East).

Hopefully we’ll see some of you at The Harlequin Fayre or the aforementioned Folk East in the coming weeks..

Bye for now,



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