A few words… About Glastonbury

That little shiny bubble of the archive, the exhibition, is finally venturing outside the area of the East Angles, to travel West in the footsteps of many who were involved in, or who were affected by, the phenomena of the fairs.

The yurt is going to the Green Fields of Glastonbury at last. A site has been reserved in the Green Futures field (which sounds like a bit of an anomaly considering we deal primarily with the past) and we will see if the circle will be completed. It certainly feels like it might be, but then that could just be a romantic notion.

On the subject of romantic notions, it’s apparently been said that we are rather starry-eyed about the whole phenomena. However, those who come into the yurt mostly want to talk about, and remember, the fantastic times they had and it’s not unusual to hear people say that the fairs changed their lives. So, we tend to focus on the positive effects the best fairs had on the people that experienced them, rather than the internal politics that entangled some of the organisers.

Anyway, back to Glastonbury… The encouragement we’ve received so far to visit the Green Fields seems to show an interest is waiting to be satisfied, otherwise we wouldn’t have been drawn towards it as a practical venue. We have already met quite a few who worked or attended various fairs and who now work in the Green Fields so a web of connections is maybe there to be uncovered. Hopefully, this visit will establish a few facts to show what part the fairs actually played in the wider subculture of the time and how they fit into the context of the present day. Green Futures may be an appropriately titled venue after all..

Come and find us if you’re going…:)


One Response to A few words… About Glastonbury

  1. Elisabeth says:

    RE: Glastonbury – have a look at the documentary film from 1971 Fayre, with spiritual events happenning and small crowds there, the vetion by Nic Roeg and Peter Neal, Not the Amazon edit, I was there it was Amazing- green fields everything *** elisabeth

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