The Festival.

Here’s a rather belated post about our visit to the West.

It was a success. We were made very welcome and given a good pitch near the entrance by Sam Hermitage, co-organiser of Green Futures, which also happened to be celebrating its 25th anniversary.



SONY DSCWe felt like the new kids, but settled in once the field took shape, more so after the public arrived. There was a fair amount of interest over the 5 or 6 days the exhibition was open, much more than we expected to be honest. Quite a few ex-fair people turned up, as well as the simply curious, whose response was surprisingly positive and encouraging. Most importantly we made some new contacts which will lead to more material being entered into the archive.



2015-06-29 12.11.38We ran a special prize draw, (the proceeds of which helped us break even with our costs, thanks Alan), which featured a copy of Alan Dearling’s beautiful and informative book, Festival Daze, which was won by none other than sign-maker extraordinaire, Rodger Wilfert. The ticket was drawn by the wonderful Martha, borrowed from the Love Zimabwe stall opposite.Thank you Martha 🙂 (


We’d like to give a special thank you to Glennie Kindred for her support and assistance, without which we probably wouldn’t have got there in the first place or managed to cope with running the exhibition once we were there…

Thanks Glennie  🙂

Hopefully we’ll return to Glastonbury next year with an expanded version of the exhibition for this unique and wonderful festival.

Next stop Harlequin..

Big love to you all, from the archive crew.


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