May 2018

Ok time to mark your calendars …and to get those photos you’ve been promising to lend us out of the loft…



The Fairs Archive have teamed up with Andy from Hare and Tabor and a t shirt has been produced using some of the distinctive art work from the pool of original graphics in The Archive. A percentage goes to The Archive expenses fund.

It is a rather fine looking garment and is available in two colours, grey/green or oatmeal/brown here:


There is, apparently, according to legend, a mysterious fourth poster in the faux-woodcut series for Barsham ’74. It’s rumoured to feature either an elephant or a bear.

Up to now it has remained completely elusive, but maybe someone could at least confirm there is a fourth or even better, reveal that they have a copy languishing in an attic? If so, it would fabulous to reunite them as a set. We only need to borrow it for a short while to take a a good scan, although if you want to donate it, it would go to a safe home.

Contact us through the website, (where there are also pictures of the new t-shirts in the shop). –







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