Maui Waui Appeal

Maui Waui is, as anyone who has been will agree, a wonderful little festival held in August. We’ve had the good fortune to have attended with the mobile exhibition for the last few years as it has many of the qualities and feel of ye olde fayres transposed into modern times..

Suffice to say in these strange and stressful times where our cultural lives and identities are in real jeopardy, they now need all the support you can give.

We’re a bit late with this post as they are right now doing an on-stream benefit this weekend featuring artists who’ve appeared at Maui. Visit their Facebook pages for more info or their homepage .

Their crowd-fund page is here : Maui Waui Crowdfund


(We were going to frame a full, separate appeal for Silas and his crew, but this is better than anything we could do…and there is also the added bonus of the appearance of a familiar face, a national treasure of the East…..)

Click on the image below to view.

(Image and youtube link nicked with thanks from John Ellerby’s Memories of Barsham.. where you may have already seen it….)

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