Were you at the Fair?

I’m going to set up a page for each fair so you can share any memorable moments, and we can build up a picture of each event. If you want to write something about a pageless fair, add your comments here and I’ll set up the page and move them.


20 Responses to Were you at the Fair?

  1. pupski says:

    I seem to remember that the beer tent burnt down at Thornham.

    • Bou Hugs says:

      I was working behind the bar, which was run by my friend Hashmat Jalil (died 1999). We had a generator to keep the lager cool. Someone thought it was annoyingly noisy so put straw bales on top. Fire started behind us and we had to climb over the bar to persuade punters to leave so we could get out.

  2. Di Beach says:

    Was there a Rougham fair in 1988? I have told that there was but cannot find any reference anywhere. Any help please? And especially I would like to be put in touch with the organisers and a man with dreads who used to sell plum jam? Does that ring a bell? Thanks for any info – this is very important.

  3. Chazz Mervyn says:

    Such a pleasure looking through the photos and remembering those wonderful fairs. A warm greeting to all.
    Chazz (the Foxtale Bus)

    • Alice Cady says:

      Hi Chazz – I see you’ve posted some pics on another website. Where you there in 1971? Did you have a camera?

      • Chazz says:

        No, I didn’t discover the pleasure of fairs and festivals until the Windsor Festival in 73 and don’t seem to have any photos of the Fairs in East Anglia more’s the pity.

  4. Indeed the beer tent did burn down, but it was up and running again in an hour – priorities are after all priorities. I was at this fair. I play bass in The Papers, who were appearing at this fair. We have a recoding of the whole gig broken down into seperate songs which is available at our web site on the music page – free MP3 download. Go enjoy! If anyone wants a CD of the whole set let me know and we’ll sort something out.

    Love Harry

  5. Lucy English slamlucy@hotmail.com says:

    Hi, so good to find this! I lived in Suffolk from 1977-81. I am a writer and my third novel ‘Our Dancing Days’ featured the Barsham Fairs. In 1980-81 I lived at St. Peter’s Hall. I am currently a lecturer in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.
    Details of the novel are on my website http://www.lucyenglish.com

  6. Ian Fulcher says:

    At possibly East Bergholt ’82 or Thornham Magna ’83 I remember an amazing colourful light show to music that was made up of many hexagons that could be changed to any colour. I think it was called Christine’s Light Show or something like that. I will never forget it. The owner said he custom built the whole thing out of electronics bits and pieces. Anybody remember seeing this?


  7. Anastasia says:

    Barsham 1975 is a a wonderful miasmic blurrrrrrrrrr…..

  8. Hypno Swan says:

    I don’t remember the dates of the fairs I was at. The first (which may have been the first) I remember had the (then) radical idea of letting you in free if you dressed in medieval clothing. We dropped a trip and went back in time. I don’t remember seeing Bruce Lacey specifically at that fair – I just vaguely remember seeing him at ‘the’ fairs, doing his thing.

    At this ‘first’ fair I remember being, late at night and through til dawn, in a big circle of vans/tents or similar with amongst others the global village trucking company. Gentle music and Wine in demi-johns passed round as was a huge jar of walnuts. A nice way to come down off a trip.

    In the morning was the first time I saw anyone ‘trucking’ – there were these characters just walking back and forth , leaning as far back as possible and taking the longest steps they could, but in a very relaxed and rather impressive way. I asked them what they were doing and they said ‘Trucking’.

    We went to all the other Albion fairs after that until they got a bit commercial. Last time I saw Bruce Lacey perform though was (if I remember correctly) in Earlham Park, Norwich. (or it might have been Tuttington?)That’s the only time I got some snaps of him, which I’m happy to share (provided they’re not used commercially)

    I remember ‘Bagism’, with possibly Jill Lacey? Lovely lass whoever she was: we’d put our heads in a two ended bag and ‘be’ the other person. Quite blissful.

    I’d like to take some more snaps of Bruce with his stuff if he’s about?

    • Richard says:

      Bruce is still about, in good health and living near Wymondham.
      There is quite a lot happening for him in 2012 including a retrospective exhibition at the ICA.
      He held his 80th celebration at the Norwich Arts Centre a few months ago and it was wacky, warm and wonderful. Usual Bruce in fact.

  9. Hypno Swan says:

    Link to pic if you want to take a dekko

  10. Olly Tyler says:

    This Earth Fair was one of my favourite ones – there was a kind of underground labyrinth maze dug out and it was full of candles and a strange person who would tell your fortune if you handed over an interesting item. I gave her a shell casing from my bullet belt.

  11. Our ‘crowd’ went to Lyng, Rougham, and East Bergholt from the late 70’s through to the early 80’s. Lots of fun, we (Spasmodic Caress) even did a gig at Rougham in the car park one year. Great weekends and brilliant memories. Thanks to everyone who organised the events.

  12. Jason atterwill says:

    I went to the lyng fairs at cadders hill, shame they stopped coming as they where great fun. My nan owned the hill and we have a plate dated 1981 with fairy fayre on it

  13. Anastasia says:

    Barsham 72 73 74 75 75 Ling 80 and 81? 2 x Roughams Herringfleet shaped my ‘growing up’ and attitudes. So good to see the spirit alive and well at Harlequin

  14. Mattie Dread says:

    Lamentable low cost Albion fairs have been allowed by us to bite the dust

    I’m looking for a family member who was at small event near Rouham in late summer 88
    He was pulling pints for a short while in a lunched out bar and later giving kids donkey rides. He was hanging out with a seasoned looking guy with dreads for a while who used to sell home made fruit wine in old casks in the green field at Glastonbury in the early 90s
    I’d appreciate non bullshit responses only as this an important private long term unresolved family matter

    • matthew Bishop says:

      I’m looking for a missing family member who was said to be accompanying my brother Simon Simon may have been abused and killed. This is under official long term investigation I’m trying to find out if a guy who was giving kids donkey rides at the Small gathering nr Rougham in 88 is known to anyone or may have used the name Philip Jacomb a supposed Kiwi The guy with the ass was hanging out with a gruff dude with dreads who used to sell home made wine at Glastonbury in the early 90s in the green field Bon chance Matt

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