Bayfield 1982



One Response to Bayfield 1982

  1. Rosko says:

    I was! So were many of my friends. And so was Joseph Hill of Culture, God bless his soul, courtesy of Tony Roots, local dubmeister and singer with the Liberators, who came later.

    I played there in a band called Spiral Noise, just after Ozric Tentacles I think.

    Memories: The Peace Convoy turning up and the guy who organised the fair holding his head in his hands and wailing. Quite justified as it turns out ‘cos the fair was never held there again due to them leaving a wrecked car in the field, amongst other stuff.

    A guy parking in the middle of the field late at night and playing Dark Side of the Moon really loudly out of car speakers. It was great!

    Good weather.

    Plenty o’ things to smoke, toot and drink.

    Mucho fun all round I seem to remember. Try doing it these days and see how far you get! You’d be arrested on the Prevention of Terrorism act or something. Cuh! Those were the daze….

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