Rougham 1982



3 Responses to Rougham 1982

  1. Rob says:

    First fair I stayed the night at, I was taken by my parents again, at 15. I wanted to stay, they said if you want to stay you have to stay on your own as they had prior commitments. So I did. Lost my borrowed tent, wandered round all night, got fed by the Hari Krishnas & ate some interesting cake & grooved under the big inflatable world looking at the pyramid stage. Didn’t feel at all threatened even though Hells Angels, travellers & Romanis & showmen were all mixed at the fair site. If I smell a campfire now it still reminds me of this fair. True East Anglian magic. Thanks to the Agnew family & Tarby et al for their effort which created some great memories for me.

  2. Daniel Rovai says:

    Yes if one has known those fairs one cannot forget John Agnew. He was the soul of those Green Desert actions and he had such a great impression on me. I also liked his secretary, Nany, and of course Tarby. A nice bunch of inspired people who knew how to create fairs of and for the folks.

  3. Keith Graham says:

    I remember the Rougham Tree Fair of 1982. The friendship of other people, the amazing juggling acts, the dancing under the huge globe suspended between the avenue of trees. I remember it most for the camaraderie and the eccentric mix of people who made it such a memorable experience. Where are they all now? Hopefully not getting too sentimental about their youth like me!

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